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Meet the Mentors 

Brunstad Christian Church North America regards the work with the children and youth as one of the most important works of our time. From the top leadership, who supports and encourages, to the mentors, who carry out the work on a practical basis, we work so that children and youth can thrive in a rich and varied environment. Much care is taken to ensure that there are a wide range of activities that will be of interest to everyone. These activities have allowed many children and young people to have vibrant, interesting and productive experiences. Together, we have fun, learn practical skills, and form meaningful and lasting relationships with our peers and leaders. 

Those who work directly with the children and young people: the mentors, volunteer their time, energy and resources to make it the best experience for all. Below, is testimonial from one such individual.  

Meet Collin

Collin is in his early twenties and is a mentor for both children and youth in Sunday school, youth interest programs and children’s activity clubs. Here, he answers some common questions about mentoring. 

What is your goal with this work? 

I believe the main goal of doing all the activities for the kids and young people is to plant seeds of life and show them the way to a life of victory over sin. This is much more attainable by showing kids love and care during a fun and interesting activity. Then their hearts are full of thankfulness and open to what mentors and leaders have to say. Later on in life they can look back at their younger years growing up in the church with great memories, and testify that they have only experienced goodness and care.

Why do you do what you do? 

I work as a mentor with various church activities because it gives me true joy! Being my age, with my current situation, I have the perfect opportunity to contribute to my local church with my free time and money. 

Collin, playing volleyball with his local youth group.

I have also experienced first-hand what it means to have mentors who have loved and cared for me, from when I was a young boy just joining the youth. They made an impression on me and encouraged me to live for Jesus. Having the opportunity to be along in this work has been a great grace, and has not felt like a “job” at all. 

Personally, I have gotten a true joy from working with the younger ones – joy that could not come from any earthly possessions. I have experienced that what Jesus says in the verse in Acts 20:35: “It is more blessed to give than receive” has definitely been a reality in my life. This work has given me the opportunity to gain personal friendships and bonds with so many. I have always gone away from activities with the children and youth feeling blessed and thankful for the time!