BUK - Youth Club

The Brunstad Youth Club (also referred to as BUK or “Brunstad Ungdomsklubb” at an international level) was created in order to provide young people with meaningful activities and encouragement at a time in life when they have big decisions to make about who they are going to be.

What is our mission?

One of the goals of BUK is to create a safe and welcoming place for young Christians to be able to express themselves and feel a sense of belonging. Interest-based groups allow each young person to participate in activities specific to what he or she enjoys doing, and allow young people to build connections with those who have similar interests. 

But, more importantly, BUK provides young Christians with opportunities to learn about and discuss different things relating to Christian life. Our mission is that each member will walk away not just with good memories and a happy youth time, but with a deeper and stronger connection to Jesus. 

Youth Club Activities

Each local youth club has organized groups based on interests or age groups. Most local churches have seasonal interest-based groups, such as soccer or hockey, but there are also groups that meet regularly throughout the year. Local groups vary, based on interest, but often include “Art,” “Adventure,” “Gaming,” “Sports,” and “Travel.”

International Camps

In addition to weekly activities, young members of Brunstad Christian Church North America are also able to attend international faith-based camps hosted by BUK at Brunstad Conference Center in Norway. Such camps feature a wide variety of interest-based activities, and services that center around the Christian Gospel.

These camps provide young people with the unique opportunity to gather and connect with other Christians around the world. Through this work, young people in Brunstad Christian Church North America are able to experience other cultures and forge friendships that last a lifetime.