In recent years, members of Brunstad Christian Church North America have worked with BCC and affiliated organizations to develop Christian programs, and write, film, edit, and translate Christian content.

Below, you can find some of what BCC and associated organizations produce and publish.


Want to know more about our faith?

Find encouraging testimonies, videos, articles and more on BCC’s mission site.


Looking for an interactive way to explore the Bible’s life-changing message?

Check out this all-new, immersive Christian video game.

Bible Kids

Are you a Sunday school teacher or parent?

Explore free tools and resources here.

Song Treasures

Interested in music?

Check out this application – which provides resources to play, sing, and learn over 1000 uplifting Christian songs and melodies.

BCC Media

Looking for more content?

Explore a variety of Christian programs produced and published by BCC.