Faith-based camps, conventions and services.

Events are an important aspect of our church life. The Bible exhorts us to meet together often, and our events give members a place to gather around our Christian faith in a healthy church tradition of hearing and sharing words of encouragement.

Local events

Locally, our members attend Sunday School, Bible studies and general services, music practices, youth and children’s activities, and senior events.

Regional events

We also gather at our regional Christian conference centers several times a year for family conferences, youth events, children’s weekends, and men’s and women’s conferences.

Our East Coast Conference center is located in Victory, NY, and supports seven local churches: Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, and Delaware, whereas our West Coast conference center is in Salem, OR, and supports four: Vancouver, Seattle, Montana and Salem. 

Read more about the Victory Conference Center and Macleay Christian Retreat below.

Victory Conference Center

Macleay Christian Retreat

Global Events

In addition to regional conferences, our members have the opportunity to visit our largest conference center at Brunstad, in Melsomvik, Norway, for international Christian conventions and youth camps throughout the year. Services at these events feature songs, messages, and personal testimonies from members all over the world.  

Between services, there’s plenty of time to fish for crabs at the beach, attend open-air concerts, play sports, and participate in other engaging activities. Many of our members go to Brunstad regularly to meet up with other Christian friends from around the world. 

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