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With much anticipation, west coast members of Brunstad Christian Church North America travelled to meet at Macleay Christian Retreat in early July to spend a week together.

Maclaey Christian Retreat (MCR) is located in Oregon, and is the main conference center for west coast churches associated with BCC North America. Every year, MCR hosts a Fellowship Week in the summer, featuring a wide variety of activities for young and old.

Read more about MCR here.

Fellowship Week is a highlight for most families, and this year did not disappoint.

The event began with an epic Canada day, which included a “Macleay Annual Run,” activities for the children, and traditional Canadian food favorites, like poutine. Coming full circle, it ended with an All-American 4th of July celebration filled with country songs, baseball, apple pie, and a round of fireworks.

Between kick-off and finale, there was no shortage of activities and mini events, including a focused Children’s Day, heaven-themed musical, and song-themed evening.

But, Fellowship Week wasn’t just about the activities and good times. It also included powerful services, workshops for youth mentors, and an edification-filled evening for parents. The message in the services was clear: As people, we can be united through the spirit of humility and faithfulness to God’s laws to serve the body of Christ wholeheartedly with the gifts and abilities that God has given us. Personal faithfulness in our Christian life is what rewards, and personal faithfulness is what will make future Fellowship Weeks and events even better.