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English Sunday School Content in an International Setting

“But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 19:14

This summer, an international annual church conference was held by Brunstad Christian Church in the small country of Norway. As in years past, the conference featured faith-based meetings and a variety of engaging activities for seniors, young people, and children.

Different this year, was that a special Sunday School was planned for the children aged three to five, and attendees were able to experience Sunday School in their own language.

Instead of providing live translation, as has been done in years past, the program was translated into several different languages beforehand, and taught in different locations around the conference center.  This was a new and exciting endeavor that ended up being a positive experience for all involved.

Two women from Canada were asked to head up the English-speaking Sunday school: Laura and Amberly. Before the event, they had several Zoom meetings to brainstorm ideas and prepare with others from various countries.

Reflecting on the planning, Laura says: “I see it as a great privilege that I was allowed to help with this task. We worked to get the lesson and activities ready for the children and figure out how to make the bible lesson alive for them.”

At the event, the children from North America and other English-speaking regions, like Oceania, were able to hear that they did not need to ever be afraid, and that Jesus could be their best friend for life. They watched an animated video about Jesus in the storm, sang songs, and participated in themed games and activities.

Amberly notes: “It is so important that good seeds are sown into the hearts of the children, right from a very young age, and that they can grow up knowing that Jesus is their friend, walking beside them wherever they go! I’m so thankful that I could have this small part in their experience at the conference. It is fun to find ways to connect with the kids in Sunday School, and to make things exciting, interactive and meaningful for them.”

Both Laura and Amberly were glad the lesson went so well, and they received positive feedback from many parents. “It was rewarding to see how happy the children were, as they got a prize and left the Sunday school class,” Laura adds enthusiastically. “A few of the children were so excited at the end of the lesson that they gave Amberly – who’d been teaching the story – a huge hug. It showed me how open their hearts were, and how meaningful it was that they could listen to the story in their own language. It was well worth all the effort!”