Hear from 3 at the Assembly of Representatives Meeting

Who are BCC's representatives and what motivates them to volunteer their time?
Conferences and EventsMission

A change of pace in missionary work

Read about BCC's most recent mission feast and digital mission initiatives.

Now screening: Part one of a Bible story about Esther

A new Bible Kids feature film makes its debut.
Bible XMissionYouth

Gate Zero releases reading plan in popular Bible app

Bible X has paired with the You Version Bible app! Click to read more.
Conferences and Events

BCC Brothers Conference

How a team from the east coast of North America planned an international event from the other side of the world.

Why do we celebrate Easter?

This holiday is one of the most significant in Christianity.

How BCC Decided to Introduce a New Donation Model

A reflection on how financial decisions are made in BCC.

Media Weekend – Youth Talents Come to the Fore

New media opportunities arise on the west coast.

Biblical time travel – A coast-to-coast experience

Read about Bible Kids Explorers' most recent adventure.
Bible XMissionYouth

Coming soon: A new Christian video game

Can the message of the Bible be shared through gaming?
Conferences and Events

2023 Sisters Conference

Why travel halfway around the world for a weekend event?

Sermon on the Mount Project

A new way to share Jesus' message with youth today.

Sunday School & Cardboard?

How a unique Bible lesson has engaged children in BCC Ottawa.

Episode 1: Meet Paul

Husband, father, and volunteer board member. What inspires one man to give his time.
Conferences and Events

Winter Park Opening Weekend

Read about recent updates at Victory Conference Center.

Child Protective Seminar in BCC Vancouver

Working to provide a safe environment for children and youth.
Conferences and Events

Christmas in Detroit

Read about BCC Detroit's year-end festivities.
Conferences and Events

Christmas with the Ottawa Seniors

Follow along with pictures and details from a special holiday event.
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Spotlight: Conference in Mexico

Read about the experiences of four individuals who attended the 22nd bi-annual conference in Leon.
Conferences and EventsYouth

A Front Row Seat at Fall Camp

Read about a recent youth camp in Upstate New York.
Conferences and EventsYouth

Youth Trip to Israel

Exploring a land of historical and Biblical significance.

Language Barriers Removed

English Sunday School content in an international setting.

Work with Children & Youth: A Post-Pandemic Perspective

One youth's experience mentoring during COVID-19 closures.

Meet the Mentors: Collin

What motivates a young person to give their time for others?