About Us

Spread across North America, there are many different churches, groups and individuals who share the same faith as that of Brunstad Christian Church, or BCC. 

We come from different backgrounds, educations, and walks of life, but gather around our Christian faith.

Who we are and what we believe

At our core, we are a group of Christians who are interested in living God’s Word, and the Bible is the foundation for our activities, beliefs, and values.

Our mission and desire is to live the life that Jesus spoke about, and lead and support those who share this desire to do the same.

Our activities

At a local level, our activities center around cultivating a personal relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ; building fellowship with one another, and sharing words of exhortation and encouragement that can lead each individual to a true disciple life. 

With a strong emphasis on children and youth work, we meet together for Sunday meetings, Sunday School, youth activities, fundraising, and various conferences throughout the year.

Our connection to BCC

Brunstad Christian Church is an international federation, with its headquarters in Norway. While we share the same faith as BCC, we do not have a formal or legal connection to the organization.

Brunstad Christian Church North America is a term used to represent North American churches that are affiliated with Brunstad Christian Church. We are not an official legal entity, but a website that represents Christian fellowships in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Each of our local assemblies has its own board, leadership council, and articles of incorporation.

More about this website

This site is meant to provide insight into the activities of North American churches associated with Brunstad Christian Church

While we are driven by the same goals, vision, and values, this site does not represent Brunstad Christian Church, or any other legal entity. Rather, it endeavors to provide collective updates, news, and information from and about these local assemblies. 

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